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The Magnificent Connection

Whether I'm treating someone's neck or whether I'm treating someone's back, I'm almost always incorporating both in treatment at the same time. Why? Because they sit at the top and bottom of the "canister," if you will. There are three diaphragms that make up the pressure system within the trunk. At the top of the canister (at the level of the neck) is the glottis. At the center (at the level of the lower rib cage) is the diaphragm. At the bottom (at the level of the pelvis) is the pelvic floor. If there is disregulation anywhere from the top to the bottom, problems arise. Certain areas may have increased stress and require down training. Certain areas may have low response and require up training. You must address both. And let's, of course, not forget about breath work. Not only is activating the diaphragm critical for regulating the canister but it serves as a gateway to your nervous system. Tap into the nervous system, control the stress and pain response.

Let's go a bit further,....shall we? Our skeletal system is like interlocking links of a chain. Our muscle and fascia like interlacing spools of webbing. What effects one area is ultimately going to effect another. You must look above and below areas of pain because often disruption started elsewhere. If you don't, you likely end up treating the symptoms and not the root cause. Look at the big picture. It's beautifully and magnificently connected.

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