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Healing is an art.

It takes time, It takes practice.  It takes love.


Physical Therapy ~ Yoga ~ Wellness
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When we listen to our patients intently, without assumption or interruption, we are often able to uncover the root of pain.  Likewise, when we as individuals learn to listen to our bodies, become aware of the subtle signs our bodies are telling us, sometimes screaming at us, we become healers in and of ourselves.  For many of us there lies within this disconnect between mind and body.  For many of us the incessant chatter of past and future fills our minds to the point of overflow, preventing any chance of listening.  But, once we learn to quiet the mind, to listen, we are able to observe; to connect the dots, one, to the next, to the next, to the next.  

Healing the physical body means addressing the person as a whole, from, what I feel is done best through an integrative and

biopyschosocial approach. Mental trauma, suffering, disease can and does present as physical pain.  The food, or what some people call food, we put into our mouths can and does affect physical wellbeing, far beyond the obvious weight gain.  As healthcare professionals we need to take a step back, look at the big picture.  In today's world there is a specialist for everything, but often communication amongst the realms is lacking.  I emphasize to patients that they must stand strong and be assertive in being the best advocate for their own healthcare.  I assure them I will be there along the way to help.

   - Jamie DeMarco, DPT, PYT-c


Formal one on one assessment and treatment from an integrative and holistic model addressing patients specific injury, chronic pain, or disorder.  Incorporated skilled intervention to include individualized, specific exercise prescription, nutritional recommendations, stress management, manual therapy, and modalities.These sessions are provided in-clinic or in-home, based on patient's preference.


Choose from a variety of options.  Customize a one hour wellness session to include one or two of the mentioned services: strength training, balance training, yoga, meditation, cupping, or massage.  Other options to include 30 minute sessions are available upon request.  These sessions are provided in-clinic or in-home, based on client's preference.  Formal assessment and modalities will not be performed by the clinician/instructor.


Meditation is defined as the process of quieting the mind in order to achieve relaxation and calm.  These sessions can be performed in stillness or with a moving meditation, dependent on the needs of the individual(s).  These 30 minute sessions are offered on a private or semi-private basis.  Option to be provided in-clinic, in-home, or zoom.


Group classes to include Hatha, Flow, and Prenatal. On-line booking recommended for Schoolhouse Yoga.  Equilibrium is not currently offering these classes due to COVID 19


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Mamaste -  Woodlands Wellness Center - Wexford                    




Jamie DeMarco, DPT

Tel: 412 - 205 - 8665

Fax: 412 - 223 - 9878

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday (9:00am-7:00pm)

Friday (9:00am-3:00pm)


Physical Therapy services, private and semi-private wellness and yoga sessions are provided at Art in Motion, 134 Shenot Rd, Wexford, PA  15090 (within the Woodlands Wellness Center) and UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine
Art in Motion (Wexford)
UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine
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